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Benefits of Telehealth

Benefits of Telehealth


Telehealth allows you to have a therapy or assessment session from your home or office. There is no need to waste time traveling to the appointment or worry about traffic or reliability of public transportation. By eliminating travel time, telehealth can give you greater scheduling flexibility and can eliminate inconveniences like having to coordinate childcare. It’s less likely you or I will need to cancel a visit due to bad weather.

If you prefer to keep your therapy private, telehealth eliminates the potential you may run into someone you know on your way to your appointment. You don’t have to rely on old magazines to entertain yourself while waiting for your appointment in a waiting room. You can get things done right up to the moment the appointment starts.

As a telehealth client, you don’t need to cancel a session when you have a contagious illness or feel too unwell to go outside or travel. As long as you feel well enough to participate, you can keep your appointment without the risk of spreading illness. During the winter months, telehealth can reduce your risk of getting sick by keeping you out of a crowded waiting room.

Telehealth is a great option for clients with limited mobility, lack of transportation, or those who live in remote locations.

Effectiveness of Treatment

Evidence has shown that teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

When you are in your home or other location that is part of your daily life when we meet, you have more opportunities to share relevant information with me. I can get a clearer picture of your life, often resulting in more insight into how best to help you.

Although some clients are nervous about video visits, most find any initial awkwardness usually disappears quickly as long as you are in a private location and have a good internet connection. In fact, communication can be even better when you’re in a familiar and comfortable environment where you have control over temperature, lighting, and where you sit.


With telehealth, I can see you in any town or city in the states where I am licensed. Currently, I am licensed to provide telehealth to clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Florida. You don’t need to travel to Lexington to see me.

Are You Covered?

Medicare covers telehealth visits including phone visits. Check with your insurance company if you are planning to seek reimbursement for visits. They may have some guidelines or additional requirements for coverage.

Benefits of Telehealth

Who Can Benefit from Telehealth?

  • People with disabilities who lack mobility to physically attend face to face therapy and assessment sessions.
  • People who are immunocompromised or have other health conditions that would prevent them from attending visits in person 
  • Those who live in isolated areas without access to mental health professionals
  • People who prefer to seek therapy outside of their own community
  • People who dislike medical settings or don’t want to be seen going to a psychologist’s office
  • People who are unable to drive and lack access to public transportation
  • People who work long hours or have multiple jobs
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • College students
  • Seniors

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