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Weight Management

Change and Maintain Psychological Services provides in-person appointments in Lexington, MA, and online appointments to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

Weight Managment Losing weight is difficult, and keeping the weight off once you lose it is even more difficult. It’s hard to find a person today who hasn’t struggled to maintain a healthy weight. We’re surrounded by tasty, high calorie foods, constant snacking is the norm at work and school, and stressful lives make exercising regularly a challenge. At the same time, thousands of fad diets and new weight loss "miracles" and "breakthroughs" compete for our attention alongside messages that weight loss is impossible. These factors contribute to disordered and dysfunctional eating habits and cycles of weight loss and regain. 

Maintaining a healthy weight and developing a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body image are possible, however. They require the development of new habits and thoughts about eating and health. Through a combination of clinical training, research, and my own experience overcoming childhood obesity and eating disorders, I’ve identified a set of skills and mental habits that can lead to consistent, gradual weight loss, long-term maintenance of a healthy body weight, and freedom from the obsession with dieting. Let me be your guide and partner in building these habits and achieving successful weight management.

I work with clients who wish to lose weight without medical assistance as well as those taking weight loss medications, and those who are preparing for or have had bariatric surgery. Medications and surgery are powerful tools to facilitate weight loss, but their long-term effectiveness is significantly enhanced when accompanied by behavioral changes.

If you have successfully lost weight but notice yourself slipping back into old habits, brief individual therapy can get you back on track and prevent weight regain. Numerous studies show that maintaining weight loss is even more difficult than losing weight. Getting support and guidance for maintaining weight maintenance can ensure your long term success. 

For patients interested in bariatric surgery, I provide pre-surgical mental health evaluations required by most bariatric surgery programs. I also offer psychotherapy for patients preparing for bariatric surgery and post surgical support for weight maintenance. 

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