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Initial Evaluation/Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

Change and Maintain Psychological Services provides in-person appointments in Lexington, MA, and online appointments to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

The initial evaluation is the gateway to psychotherapy. During the initial evaluation, you get the chance to tell your story. Why have you decided to see a therapist? Why now? What are you hoping to change about your life? 

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I also offer psychiatric diagnostic evaluations for people who are already seeing a psychotherapist or psychiatrist but need diagnostic clarification to guide treatment. For instance, your therapist or psychiatric provider may be wondering whether your symptoms are more consistent with bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. Although these conditions share some features, they tend to respond to different treatment approaches, so getting a second opinion can be helpful when a treatment that seems like it should be helping doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have social anxiety disorder or avoidant personality disorder? What about autism spectrum disorder? Having the right diagnosis will make it easier to identify the right therapy approach to address a specific symptom or barrier to success. For many patients, a one-time, thorough diagnostic evaluation can be enough to set you on the right path. I will collaborate with your other providers to develop treatment recommendations. 

New patients can book an initial evaluation/psychiatric diagnostic evaluation online through https://danielle-barry.clientsecure.me. The visit typically lasts 60 minutes, and the fee is $300. Initial visits are conducted via telehealth. 

The cost of an evaluation is typically covered by insurance. For those of you who plan to seek insurance reimbursement for the visit, the diagnostic code is 90791. 

Please note, if you are specifically interested in evaluation for Adult ADHD or a Pre-Surgical Bariatric evaluation, some additional testing is necessary. If we determine during your initial psychiatric evaluation that an ADHD evaluation will be needed, the $300 fee for the initial evaluation can be applied toward ADHD testing. Similarly, if your bariatric program requires testing, I can add that service after the initial visit and apply the $300 fee toward the total cost. 

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