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Post Bariatric Weight Maintenance

Change and Maintain Psychological Services provides in-person appointments in Lexington, MA, and online appointments to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire

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Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is highly effective in promoting significant weight loss and improving health. Most people find weight loss easy, even effortless, during the first year after surgery, and it’s easy to drift away from the weight management skills and strategies you developed while preparing for surgery. Unfortunately, many people eventually regain some or all of the weight lost after surgery if they stop strictly following healthy lifestyle habits. Sadly, many people don’t realize this is common and feel embarrassed to seek help when it happens. Don’t be embarrassed! Decades of research and observation of patients show that maintaining weight loss is incredibly hard, even harder than losing weight.

Individual or group therapy focused on weight management can help you achieve long lasting success after bariatric surgery. Therapy focuses on maintaining motivation, building and strengthening healthy diet and exercise habits, and exploring emotional and psychological factors that get in the way of successful weight maintenance.

The first step is scheduling an Initial Evaluation. The initial visit takes 60 minutes, and the fee is $300. See the Initial Evaluation page for details on what that visit will be like. Insurance usually covers most or all of the cost of this visit if there is a psychiatric diagnosis such as an eating disorder.

After the initial visit, individual psychotherapy visits are 45 minutes long, and the fee is $250 per visit. 30-minute visits are also available for $200. Visits are available in person and via telehealth. Insurance typically covers these visits if there is a psychiatric diagnosis.  

For those of you who are out of network and plan to seek insurance reimbursement, the code is 90834 for 45-minute visits and 90832 for 30-minute visits.


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