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About Change and Maintain

Change and Maintain is a psychology practice focused on positive habit change, helping you build new habits and get rid of old ones that stand in the way of your goals and dreams. With support and guidance, you can learn the skills needed to lose weight, break dependence on alcohol and other substances, overcome procrastination, improve interpersonal interactions, and develop better self-care, financial discipline, organization skills, and health habits. While making changes can be challenging, maintaining positive change is even harder. My unique expertise can help you maintain motivation and focus to make positive changes permanent. You really can keep the change!  

The first step to positive change is a thorough evaluation to identify your strengths and help you better understand the specific challenges and barriers you face. Change and Maintain offers expert psychological evaluations for adults with ADHD and the full range of psychiatric conditions. Pre-surgical bariatric evaluations are also available. 

Take the first step to becoming the best version of yourself. 

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Danielle Barry In Lexington, MA

About Me

  • Dr. Danielle Barry

    I am a clinical psychologist with specialized training in psychological assessment, eating and weight disorders, addictions, ADHD, and geriatric psychology. I work with adults 21 and over. I particularly enjoy working with middle aged and older adults. It’s never too late to make lasting positive changes. Growth is a lifelong process. 

    In addition to individual and group therapy, I offer psychiatric evaluations, psychological testing, pre-surgical bariatric evaluations, and adult ADHD evaluations for clients whose medication prescribers require a psychological evaluation.

    I earned my doctoral degree from Rutgers University in 2004. I offer psychological services in Lexington, Massachusetts and via telehealth throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Florida. 

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